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Isn’t this obtuse?

Is this not the most obtuse form of communication? Indirect. Self-indulgent. Personal, in an open forum. Secretly pleased to capture your eyes. Without having to intrude upon your day. My reader opts in. Or he doesn’t. Both are acceptable answers. Consume cautiously. These imperfect words on a page.

The Best Worst Idea

I thought I’d be cool, calm and collected. Who do I think I am? The moment I set my eyes on you, all of my feelings welled up and spilled over. Reducing your guest to tears in record time. Nothing has changed. Our debate remains unresolved. An outcome which hurts my heart. But it feltContinue reading “The Best Worst Idea”


Four weeks today, baby It is the last thing I want you to do But I need you to extinguish our flame You outshine all the other lights Keeping me captivated In our own personal fantasy The reason for our incompatibility Seemingly out of reach Intangible Impossible for me to hold onto Reinforcement required YouContinue reading “Extinguished”


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